Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Really Good Drummer: Greg Saunier


Deerhoof is a pretty fucking weird band, but they're undeniably talented and Greg Saunier is out of his mind. He says he intentionally keeps his kit stripped down to force himself to be more creative. Sometimes, as in the "Milk Man" video below, all he has is a bass, snare, and makeshift ride/crash remote hi-hat.

His style makes Deerhoof worth seeing live regardless of how much you care about their music. Sits really low, plays frenzied and looks like he's all over the place. Doesn't bother himself with time-keeping duties (not Deerhoof's style anyways). Takes really big swings at the thing. And as someone on YouTube points out, he looks a lot like Jim Carrey. 

Here are some good videos of him:

And this is just a good Deerhoof song (and funny video):

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